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A little bit about the breed standard of the German Shepherd.

Big, strong, well muscled, slightly elongated with dry skeleton – it is a guard service dog, which is called a German shepherd.

German Shepherd breed standard requires that the representatives of this breed have strong nerves, mindfulness, imperturbable temperament (except for the circumstances that cab lead German shepherd in a state of excitation) and fairly high level of intelligence that allows easy to train.

Guard dog performs flawlessly work of defender, and can be an excellent companion. Dog has in addition to hardness – the courage and fighting instinct, boundless devotion to his owner.

German Shepherd – is a dog of medium size. The height of males at the withers is usually 60-65 centimeters. The height of females at the withers is usually 55-60 centimeters. Standard weight of males is between 30 and 40 kilograms.

Weight of representatives of the opposite sex is less – from 22 to 32 kilograms. Considering these parameters, you must also take into account the fact that according to the German Shepherds breed standard there are additional requirements to comply with the ratio of the body and the height at the withers: height at the withers should be less than the length of the body on 10-17%.

Color of this animals can be solid (solid black, solid gray) and also can be not solid (with the mark of color from red-blown to light-gray color).

Correct undercoat always has the light gray tone. The color of the nose is always blackand is independent of color of the dog as a whole.

Color of German Shepherds should be quite bright and full colored well. Light claws, light eyes, the tip of the tail with a reddish tint is assessed as pigmentation weakness.

Direct hard dense outer coat with dense undercoat is normal wool on a German Shepherd.

Skin of German Shepherd dogs does not create folds, although adjacent to the body is not very tight.

Correct movement German Shepherd – is the standard of ease, swiftness and lightness. If a German Shepherd meets all the standards of the breed, the movements of her limbs allow without major changes topline make front and rear legs on the length of the body.

The German Shepherd breed standard clearly defined requirements for the form of the head of the German Shepherd, to what should be the neck, chest, torso, front and rear legs of the German Shepherd, as well as its tail.

If you decide to buy a German shepherd that comply with all the standards of the breed, then you need not only to familiarize themselves with all the requirements of the breed standard of the German Shepherd, but to consult with a qualified dog handlers specialized in this breed and having to its credit experience in the exposure of animals of this breed on international Dog Show.

The offspring produced by the light from a pair of high-quality thoroughbred German shepherd, not a priori (default) quality offspring. Pedigree Shepherd can have drawbacks: from minor to serious. Serious shortcomings are considered a vice, and are grounds for disqualification at the international exhibitions. Such representatives of the breed is no chance of breeding life.

Buy German Shepherd dogs only in nurseries (plants dogs) with a good reputation!

Good luck in your undertakings!